MDP40: Drive, Desire & Persistence. From Startup to CEO.

July 13, 2016
This week we have with us, serial entrepreneur, digital sales and marketing expert and best selling author Eder Holguin With over 15 years in the industry helping businesses scale, grow and develop their marketing strategies to become fortune 500 companies. Not limited to the big brands either, he's been involved in plenty of innovative startups, one of which was his own, 'Ideal Media' which is a similar concept to Outbrain or Taboola, offering revenue to sites for displayads and sponsored content.

Nowadays he's the CEO of LiveVote a web platform that transforms simple text into captivating and revenue-generating content and he's here to tell us how it all started.

"don't quit your job!... start doing it part-time first" - Eder Holguin

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • Why communication is the key to any new business
  • Dealing with rejection
  • The concept: Hypothesise
  • The creation: Survey your potential audience
  • The birth of your startup: Listen to the market
  • The launch of your startup: Deciding your brand values
  • The development of your startup: Test your idea with the RIGHT audience
  • The growth of your startup: Adaptation & pivot point
  • Keeping your startup alive: Repeat, Improve, Maintain

"You have a choice, you can either be right or you can make money " - Eder Holguin


MDP39: Automate, Grow & Sell Your Own Business - with Josh Latimer

July 6, 2016

Ever wanted to run a 6 figure lifestyle business from anywhere in the world? That's what our guest Josh Latimer did. It wasn't easy, but the first step is to actually take the first step!

"I have a masters in pain and batchelors in suffering"

Josh was running a cleaning company, tied down to a location-based business every day and decided he wanted more freedom and a lifestyle that wasn't limited by where you are. As an entrepreneur with a head full of ideas he knew he wanted to do something life-changing and that the location-based business lifestyle wasn't for him.

"You have to start, you have to do stuff"

Fast forward, and he's now living the dream lifestyle with his family in Costa Rica, running his online businesses from the comforts of his own home.
Not only has he scaled up his business 'SellJim' software, but he's completely changed his lifestyle to fit in with it, rather than around it.

In This Episode:

  • Find out how Josh made the switch
  • Discover the business model he used
  • Learn how 'creating a tribe' can help you test your ideas

Links and Resources Mentioned In This Episode


MDP38: Leveraging Web Tech In Innovate Ways - On A Shoestring Budget

June 29, 2016

Lindsey Anderson is a web strategy expert working with small business owners to help them grow their business. Lindsey is the founder and CEO of two companies; Web Impakt, a successful web development company in Idaho Falls, and Lindsey’s Web, an online resource for small business owners to learn about ranking on search engines, newsletters, analytics, social media, pay-per-click ads, websites, blogging, and the list goes on. She knows how to utilize web technologies to help small business owners achieve their dreams and today we’re going to be talking about how to Leveraging Web Tech in New and Innovative Ways on a Shoe-String Budget

In this episode you will learn:

  • Newsletters - converting through email
  • Analytics - Making sense of what you see
  • Social Media - Quality over Quantity
  • PPC - How to turn a little into a lot
  • Websites - How to set one up for less than $100
  • Blogging - How EVERY business can find a topic to blog about
  • Facebook Ads - When to Boost Posts

MDP37: Is That Essential? - Improve your efficiency by knowing when to say ‘yes’

June 22, 2016

A slightly different podcast this week as we take a look at "Essentialism" - a book by Greg McKeown, and a concept that will revolutionise your productivity.

After reading this book over the past few weeks it struck me that I'm just the kind of person this book talks about. A 'yes' man. I say yes to far too many things, often without thinking, planning, being strategic with my answer and often losing focus by becoming overwhelmed with the tasks in hand.

It struck me that many business owners and anyone in digital marketing could possibly feel the same way. There are millions of daily, weekly, monthly tasks that are all part and parcel of a successful campaign and if you're an avid listener, you'll hopefully have some of our planning sheets to help you organise your time and improve your efficiency basics. 

What this book does is delve into the who, what, when, where and why and help you deconstruct every task and work out how to trade-off tasks and more importantly how to analyse and improve your workflow.

In this episode you will learn: (and some of these are chapter titles directly from the book!)

  • The power to choose
  • Trade offs
  • Why you need a clear vision
  • Knowing when you are done
  • How to figure out what's stopping you
  • Being in the flow
  • Multi tasking vs multi focus
  • Think 'less, but better'

Hopefully this will help you guys as much as it has me! Our producer, Nik has already ordered a copy for himself too, so I know it resonates!


MDP36: Building Demand Through Influencers - referral, advocacy and affiliate programs

June 15, 2016
This week we welcome onboard Tim Matthews. 

He’s the Vice President of Marketing for Incapsula, a cloud based security and acceleration platform that serves over 300,000 users across the globe. Tim is An experienced marketer across a broad range of technologies, building numerous marketing teams to help grow businesses, including two major acquisitions. Tim is also a published author and today is going to talk us through building Demand Through Influencers: with an insight into How to Build Referral, Advocacy and Affiliate Programs.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why you don't always need to fill the top of the funnel
  • How writing a book will expand your horizons
  • What simple programme will 10x your referrals
  • Who is an advocate and why you need them
  • How you to find and engage your advocates
  • When to run a survey
  • Affilliates vs Paid Ads
  • What assets to offer your affiliates 
  • How this all works for B2B

"don't underestimate what people don't know" - Tim Matthews

As always, there are a tonne of links and resources mentioned in the show at

MDP35: Find The Perfect Customers & Streamline Your Sales Funnel

June 8, 2016

Jason is on a mission to help digital agency owners grow and succeed and has had his own personal successes with the sale of his million dollar business in 2012. His strategies encompass many of the concepts we have covered in the past, bringing together his tips, tricks and techniques with some great examples to back up his tried and tested techniques. He's been priveleged to create websites for AT&T, Lotus cars, Hitachi and Legal Zoom, but since his venture into the world of digital marketing his focus is now on helping digital media companies join the dots and embrace his proven tactics to achieve the same.

He also hosts not one, but two podcasts available on iTunes - The Smart Agency Master Class Podcast is dedicated to providing tactics and strategies to agency owners focusing on what does and doesn't work. His second show is a live broadcast with questions and rapid-fire answers about agencies, marketing, entrepreneurship and business based on his experience and million-dollar successes.

"Do something that stands out"

In This Episode You'll Learn

  • Giving Away Your Expertise
  • Recognising Opportunities
  • Building a Legacy
  • Knowing Your Audience
  • Progressive Profiling - The Ultimate Data Capture

MDP34: Social Media 101 - Everything you SHOULD be doing on social media - with Ben Kolp

June 1, 2016

This week I have with me, Ben Kolp from Orca Social. Their mission is to have a positive change on your business through social technologies by enabling social and digital from within your own company. We talk about loads of social media strategies, HR, spotting efficiencies within your company and how to bring your customers in with social. Strengthen your corporate brand and embrace your social media channels, they're so much more than a lead generation tool!

At Orca Social, they enable b2b companies to get the most out of their social by giving you the tools to master your output and create a competitive edge. Social media only works as a social tool, and getting into the mindset for that is crucial. By building relationships, interactions and initiating conversations "as human, agile and authentic as possible" you can start to see results through trust and relationships with your audience.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why social media isn't a great marketing channel
  • Why guidelines are important
  • Making invisible brands visible
  • Equipping your sales teams with social
  • The hurdles of becoming a thought leader
  • Building your own social network
  • Creating a better business culture
  • Discovering your purpose - why are you here?

MDP33: How to skyrocket your mailing list & revolutionise your authority

May 25, 2016

This week, I have with me Laurence Bradford. I hope I got that right because she spelled her name just like mine, Lawrence, but it's not pronounced like that. So, hopefully I've got it right. But, Laurence is from - "Learn to Code With Me" - and she has set up this amazing resource for people that want to learn to code through her own personal journey as well. And as a result of that, has built an incredible size mailing list, has loads of engagement on her blogs, in her Facebook pages, in her Facebook groups and she is now ready to launch some killer products as well.

In This Episode You'll Learn

  • Finding your channel
  • Curating content
  • Monetizing your website
  • Creating e-books to boost your authority
  • Video vs Podcast
  • Gaining Subscribers
  • Automating Emails
  • Increasing Your Visibility
As always : links & resources available at

MDP32: Stop Regulating Crap Content And Start Cooking Up Some Epic Resources - Kyle Lacy

May 18, 2016

Hey! This week we have Kyle Lacy onboard to chat to us about his obsession with technology and how it changes human behaviour. Why? you might ask! Because every bit of digital marketing uses some kind of technology - it's digital, it's in the name!

Kyle has been the director of global content marketing at SalesForce and now he heads up the team at OpenView and is head of marketing there. We chat all about content marketing and continuous improvements you can make to continue your success. Scrum methodology, the death of the ebook and how drinking beer at the right time will help build better marketing campaigns!
In this episode you will learn:
  • Embracing continuous rapid improvement
  • Agile & The SCRUM methodology
  • SMART goals
  • Why e-books are dead
  • Making content valueable
  • Why building trust is SO important
  • Collate your data & drive your actions
  • The future of branding
  • The data tools of the trade
  • How Content Marketing & Social Ads Can Work For You
  • Why shortcuts and 'growth hacking' are pointless

MDP31: How To 10x Your Content Marketing - with Garrett Moon from CoSchedule

May 11, 2016

Today, I have with me Garrett Moon from CoSchedule. He's one of the founders there and CoSchedule is a content and social media editorial calendar for marketers. CoSchedule is in fact, now one of the top marketing tools as seen on And Garrett helps lead the product and marketing teams at CoSchedule. He's a regular blogger and thought leader and also really, really knowledgeable about content marketing and social media.

He's here to help us take that next step from knowing that we've got to do content to actually doing content and then applying the 10x rather than the 10% rule.
In This Episode You'll Learn

  • How to effectively get from content curator to content CREATOR
  • Proof That Quality Over Quantity Gets Results
  • Turning Content Into Conversions
  • Why Headline Testing Is Crucial 
  • Creating Controversy & Clicks
  • Avoiding The 'One & Done' Approach
  • How A/B Testing Works
  • Why Content Marketing Beats Paid Ads Every Time