MDP31: How To 10x Your Content Marketing - with Garrett Moon from CoSchedule

May 11, 2016

Today, I have with me Garrett Moon from CoSchedule. He's one of the founders there and CoSchedule is a content and social media editorial calendar for marketers. CoSchedule is in fact, now one of the top marketing tools as seen on And Garrett helps lead the product and marketing teams at CoSchedule. He's a regular blogger and thought leader and also really, really knowledgeable about content marketing and social media.

He's here to help us take that next step from knowing that we've got to do content to actually doing content and then applying the 10x rather than the 10% rule.
In This Episode You'll Learn

  • How to effectively get from content curator to content CREATOR
  • Proof That Quality Over Quantity Gets Results
  • Turning Content Into Conversions
  • Why Headline Testing Is Crucial 
  • Creating Controversy & Clicks
  • Avoiding The 'One & Done' Approach
  • How A/B Testing Works
  • Why Content Marketing Beats Paid Ads Every Time


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