MDP39: Automate, Grow & Sell Your Own Business - with Josh Latimer

July 6, 2016

Ever wanted to run a 6 figure lifestyle business from anywhere in the world? That's what our guest Josh Latimer did. It wasn't easy, but the first step is to actually take the first step!

"I have a masters in pain and batchelors in suffering"

Josh was running a cleaning company, tied down to a location-based business every day and decided he wanted more freedom and a lifestyle that wasn't limited by where you are. As an entrepreneur with a head full of ideas he knew he wanted to do something life-changing and that the location-based business lifestyle wasn't for him.

"You have to start, you have to do stuff"

Fast forward, and he's now living the dream lifestyle with his family in Costa Rica, running his online businesses from the comforts of his own home.
Not only has he scaled up his business 'SellJim' software, but he's completely changed his lifestyle to fit in with it, rather than around it.

In This Episode:

  • Find out how Josh made the switch
  • Discover the business model he used
  • Learn how 'creating a tribe' can help you test your ideas

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