MDP32: Stop Regulating Crap Content And Start Cooking Up Some Epic Resources - Kyle Lacy

May 18, 2016

Hey! This week we have Kyle Lacy onboard to chat to us about his obsession with technology and how it changes human behaviour. Why? you might ask! Because every bit of digital marketing uses some kind of technology - it's digital, it's in the name!

Kyle has been the director of global content marketing at SalesForce and now he heads up the team at OpenView and is head of marketing there. We chat all about content marketing and continuous improvements you can make to continue your success. Scrum methodology, the death of the ebook and how drinking beer at the right time will help build better marketing campaigns!
In this episode you will learn:
  • Embracing continuous rapid improvement
  • Agile & The SCRUM methodology
  • SMART goals
  • Why e-books are dead
  • Making content valueable
  • Why building trust is SO important
  • Collate your data & drive your actions
  • The future of branding
  • The data tools of the trade
  • How Content Marketing & Social Ads Can Work For You
  • Why shortcuts and 'growth hacking' are pointless

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