MDP34: Social Media 101 - Everything you SHOULD be doing on social media - with Ben Kolp

June 1, 2016

This week I have with me, Ben Kolp from Orca Social. Their mission is to have a positive change on your business through social technologies by enabling social and digital from within your own company. We talk about loads of social media strategies, HR, spotting efficiencies within your company and how to bring your customers in with social. Strengthen your corporate brand and embrace your social media channels, they're so much more than a lead generation tool!

At Orca Social, they enable b2b companies to get the most out of their social by giving you the tools to master your output and create a competitive edge. Social media only works as a social tool, and getting into the mindset for that is crucial. By building relationships, interactions and initiating conversations "as human, agile and authentic as possible" you can start to see results through trust and relationships with your audience.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why social media isn't a great marketing channel
  • Why guidelines are important
  • Making invisible brands visible
  • Equipping your sales teams with social
  • The hurdles of becoming a thought leader
  • Building your own social network
  • Creating a better business culture
  • Discovering your purpose - why are you here?

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