MDP35: Find The Perfect Customers & Streamline Your Sales Funnel

June 8, 2016

Jason is on a mission to help digital agency owners grow and succeed and has had his own personal successes with the sale of his million dollar business in 2012. His strategies encompass many of the concepts we have covered in the past, bringing together his tips, tricks and techniques with some great examples to back up his tried and tested techniques. He's been priveleged to create websites for AT&T, Lotus cars, Hitachi and Legal Zoom, but since his venture into the world of digital marketing his focus is now on helping digital media companies join the dots and embrace his proven tactics to achieve the same.

He also hosts not one, but two podcasts available on iTunes - The Smart Agency Master Class Podcast is dedicated to providing tactics and strategies to agency owners focusing on what does and doesn't work. His second show is a live broadcast with questions and rapid-fire answers about agencies, marketing, entrepreneurship and business based on his experience and million-dollar successes.

"Do something that stands out"

In This Episode You'll Learn

  • Giving Away Your Expertise
  • Recognising Opportunities
  • Building a Legacy
  • Knowing Your Audience
  • Progressive Profiling - The Ultimate Data Capture

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