MDP37: Is That Essential? - Improve your efficiency by knowing when to say ‘yes’

June 22, 2016

A slightly different podcast this week as we take a look at "Essentialism" - a book by Greg McKeown, and a concept that will revolutionise your productivity.

After reading this book over the past few weeks it struck me that I'm just the kind of person this book talks about. A 'yes' man. I say yes to far too many things, often without thinking, planning, being strategic with my answer and often losing focus by becoming overwhelmed with the tasks in hand.

It struck me that many business owners and anyone in digital marketing could possibly feel the same way. There are millions of daily, weekly, monthly tasks that are all part and parcel of a successful campaign and if you're an avid listener, you'll hopefully have some of our planning sheets to help you organise your time and improve your efficiency basics. 

What this book does is delve into the who, what, when, where and why and help you deconstruct every task and work out how to trade-off tasks and more importantly how to analyse and improve your workflow.

In this episode you will learn: (and some of these are chapter titles directly from the book!)

  • The power to choose
  • Trade offs
  • Why you need a clear vision
  • Knowing when you are done
  • How to figure out what's stopping you
  • Being in the flow
  • Multi tasking vs multi focus
  • Think 'less, but better'

Hopefully this will help you guys as much as it has me! Our producer, Nik has already ordered a copy for himself too, so I know it resonates!


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